Journey to Lent:

Deep Structure and 

Spiritual Depth 

in a Time of Pandemic

A “Reboot Your Worship” 

Special Three-Session Series

by Worship Design Studio’s Creator and Visionary, Dr. Marcia McFee


Three webinars to

help you plan worship in the new year

It's messy. We don't know how we'll be worshiping in February when Lent starts, but we CAN plan ahead and be ready to bring it to our folks in all the ways we have learned. I will be teaching three sessions that will help you feel secure in your message and your format:

Lent planning retreat session January 6

Two Reboot webinars January 12 and 19

All webinars 9am Pacific / 10am Mountain / 11am Central / 12pm Eastern

Recordings sent to all registrants. If you missed any of the first sessions and decide to join late, no worries - we send you the recordings from the previous sessions right away so you can catch up at your own pace!


Lent planning retreat session January 6: 

Discern a theme and direction as we revisit theological themes that are important for this liturgical season, for this extraordinary year, for your community. We will imagine non-lectionary possibilities and hear how these theological emphases are presenting in Revised Common and Narrative Lectionaries in 2021. You will spend the next few days deciding your theme in preparation for the next step.

Deep Structure

Creativity is not about throwing the “baby out with the bathwater” but rather knowing about our deeply human need for both the “a-ha” and the “oh yeah!” moments in worship. Repetition (the “oh yeah”) offers our minds, bodies and spirits the delight of recognition and the grounded-ness produced by the strengthening of neural synapses. Discovery (the “a-ha”) is what wakes us up, offering a a new lens for seeing age-old truths. We will get our Orders of Worship done in this step!

Spiritually Deep

Both worship design and leadership have a role to play in creating an environment of spiritual depth. In an anxious and spirit-depleted world, worship can anchor us and offer the strength to continue in whatever phase of the pandemic we find ourselves in–a full year after this journey began.  This is where we attend to the details that will make this a deeply meaningful season–for leaders and congregation alike!

Three webinars and free access to a community of churches crowdsourcing with each other for the price of one dinner delivery!

[this is already included for free to WDS subscribers and WDS Planning Retreat participants]


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The webinars will use examples from these three fully-scripted Lent series available from the Worship Design Studio (as well as help you design your own):